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Quality, Trusted Lawn Care

As much as we all want a lawn that’s properly watered, trimmed, and free of all pests and diseases, the process can take extensive time and labor.

Most of us simply don’t have the time and energy to invest into maintaining our lawns. This, unfortunately, not only leads to unsightly lawn appearance (which can affect the overall look of your home exterior!) – but can also result in unhealthy, weak grass.

Thankfully, our professionals are here to help. If you’re looking for lawn care services near you, our staff can take care of all the work your grass needs.

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Eliminate Weeds

Don’t let those pesky weeds ruin the look of your lawn. Our experts offer quick weed removal and prevention, ensuring the look of neat, healthy grass.

Our quality methods of mowing, fertilization, and irrigation can also help in preventing any future weed problems. Weeds may not be eradicated permanently, though our services can ensure a reduction in growth as much as possible.

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Get Rid of Pests and Insects

Neglected, unmowed grass can often harbor unwanted insects or pests. Some are readily seen, while others may be well-hidden across the lawn – causing unexpected damage that may take up to years to repair.

The most common signs of pest invasion include dead grass patches, bite marks on grass blades, brown spots, and wilting.

Our professionals will implement the proper lawn care and treatment to ensure you keep these pests at bay.

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Keep Grass Healthy

With the right fertilizer and watering regimen, you’re sure to have some of the greenest grass in the neighborhood.

Our experts can help you choose the proper fertilizers for your lawn, helping you achieve the healthy, vibrant appearance you’re after.

We’ll also offer advice in watering methods and techniques – as different lawn types typically require different amounts of water.

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Get That Manicured Appearance

Of course, we’ll also provide regular lawn mowing services to ensure your grass is kept at the recommended, healthy height.

Overgrown grass can cause far more issues than an unkempt appearance. They can also lead to mowing difficulties and unattractive grass clippings. Additionally, tall blades of grass often wear thin, replicating the appearance of weeds.

With frequent mowing, we’ll help you achieve that manicured look – adding to the overall attractiveness of your home exterior.

Experienced Professionals You Can Trust

At East Coast Lawn & Landscaping, our team of lawn service experts understand the requirements of a healthy, trimmed, and vibrant lawn. We know the essential role it plays in home care, improvement, and maintenance, and ensure our services are tailored to your individual needs.

We also not only implement the necessary processes to repair damage, but take any further precautions to prevent them in the future.

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